How to Watch Movies Online for FREE (2024)

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Today you don’t need to pay for a streaming service such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Disney, Showtime, Hulu, Sony…

You can watch the latest movies, TV series, and documentaries, on your PC or smartphone.

But searching for the best free movie streaming sites can be hard sometimes. And the reason is that most of the popular sites are taken down because of copyright infringement.

As soon as they go, new sites come to light. But some of them aren’t updated regularly and offer poor quality.

I have made a collection of 60 best sites to find online movies for free.

And since the visitors of lifescodes come from around the world, I found a few sites to watch movies in other languages.

Before we get into the list, there are two things you should consider:

First, you might want to install a great VPN to stay safe and anonymous online.

Second, you should install a browser extension called Poper Blocker; It will stop most of the ads on these sites.

So, what are some great websites to watch movies online?

Last Update: 05/05/2024

It has a wide selection of content and you don’t need to register.


An amazing site streaming the best movies, tv series, and documentaries. Most importantly, it has no pop ads. [not working]

Another amazing site with ZERO Ads.

This website offers high-quality streaming of movies and TV shows with very few ads.

It is a very good site to watch movies. It offers the latest Movies/Tv series and has different categories to choose from. You also have the subtitles option.

This site contains +14000 movies of different genres. You can also search for movies from a particular year. [Not working]

What I like about this site is that you can choose a movie from a particular country: the US, UK, China, Korea, Thailand, etc.

I like this site because it has fewer ads than other sites. [Not Working]

A great site with a beautiful design and plenty of options to choose from.

This is one of my favorite sites. It loads fast, and the video doesn’t pause. Another good thing is that it doesn’t have pop-up ads.

And if you’re watching a TV Series, you have all the episodes below the current video. You have 2 or 3 alternative servers if the movie doesn’t load.

This site has a huge number of movies and Tv series. [Not Working]

You can find different HD Movies and TV Series. You also have the option to comment.

This site also contains news articles about movies and actors. [Not Working]

A well-designed platform that offers a huge library of movies and TV series. It also loads very fast and is very simple to use.

This site offers various movies and TV shows from different countries. It also has fewer pop-up ads, and you can comment.

One of the most popular free streaming websites, offering a huge selection of movies and TV shows. It is regularly updated with the latest releases. [not working]

A site with a beautiful and simple design. You can watch the latest movies, TV series, Stand-up comedies, etc.

Watch classic movies.

You can find more than 30000 Movies/TV Series on this site.

This site streams high-quality movies from different countries.

Filma24 And

Both of them stream movies with Albanian subtitles.

Both of them are older than most of the sites in this article and contain thousands of movies.

As the name suggests, this site is dedicated to cartoons.

A great site to watch anime.

Another amazing website to watch cartoons for free. The videos load very fast, and it’s easy to navigate on the website.

Scr [Not Working] [Not Working]

Seriesonline [Not Working]

IMDb TV – A service to watch movies for free but only if you live in the US and you need to sign up with your Amazon account.

Internet Archive – A site to watch free content. (Old movies, videos, music, and free books)

Watch Hindi movies online for free?

Here are some of the best sites to watch Hindi movies or Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi.


This website has an extensive library of Bollywood and other Indian movies that you can watch for free. But there are lots of pop-up ads.

Yomovies Not Working

Watch Asian Movies


Watch Movies in French




Watch Movies in Spanish For Free

YouTube – 100 movies in Spanish is a free streaming website dedicated to Spanish and Latin American movies and tv series. is another website to find movies and tv shows dubbed in Spanish.

Watch Movies in German for Free

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

German Films with English subtitles

Watch Movies in Italian For Free




What makes it possible to stream movies online for free? Well, the answer is Torrent.

They take the torrent files, convert them and then stream them online.

Torrent is the source of all movies you watch online for free.

Anyway, you can find new movies and TV Series on Torrent sites.

All you have to do is download uTorrent and visit the sites below.

Find what you want, click the “magnet link,” and then you can download full movies for free.

Warning: Most countries don’t allow downloading from torrent sites. And downloading movies from them can be illegal. To protect yourself, you should use the right VPN.

The best one is NordVPN


Link –

It is one of the oldest and most popular torrent sites, with more than 50M unique visitors per month. You can find the latest movies there.


Link –

You can find movies, television, and documentaries.


Link –

This site releases several titles every day.


Link –

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