In this documentary, I analyze the dark world of cults:

  • Why some followers are willing to give EVERYTHING to the cult leader, including their lives and families.
  • How to handle adversity so you are less likely to be seduced by cults, scammers, and authoritarian leaders.
  • What makes cult leaders so dangerous?
  • Why some politicians behave like cult leaders?
  • If those cult leaders in politics are out of the game, can we just move on?

The Big Short is without a doubt one of my favorite movies. Recently, I watched again (for the third or fourth time) and I noticed that the scene where Jared is pitching the idea to Frontpoint Partners is a masterclass on persuasion. Jared is skillfully using a lot of advanced techniques to keep them hooked on the presentation and to sell a “crazy” idea.

Edward Bernays is known as the father of public relations.

He was the nephew of Sigmund Freud and used Freud’s psychoanalytic theories to sell pretty much anything…

During 80 years as a PR advisor, Bernays worked with artists, corporations, and politicians and developed strategies to help them achieve their goals.

Similar strategies are still being used today to influence and often manipulate public opinion.

That’s why in this video, I explain the anatomy of public opinion and how susceptible we are to manipulation… How do we realize (if we do) that we have been manipulated only after people like Bernays have achieved their goal.

It may sound like a conspiracy theory but it’s not. Otherwise, Bernays wouldn’t have had a career that lasted 80 years.

He showed us that as individuals we aren’t very rational, and as groups, we are even less.

In this course-level video, we’ll dive deep into the psychology of persuasion.

My goal is to give you more valuable insights in 22 minutes than you would get from buying 5 Udemy Courses.

Social engineering is the act of manipulating people into doing something they wouldn’t normally do. Cybercriminals use social engineering in 98% of attacks because humans are the weakest link in any system.

And there’s a wide array of tools and techniques to gather sensitive information.

So if someone wants to become a hacker, they have many sources to learn from.

Of course, there’s a big difference between knowing how to attack and doing it successfully. But one doesn’t need to have a high level of intelligence and years of experience to cause tremendous damage to other people and even organizations.

In this video, you will learn how to get rid of limiting beliefs that are killing your confidence and charisma. You will also learn simple, yet powerful strategies to leave a great impression on people even if they have just met you.

Emotional vampires are not people who suck your blood, but every drop of energy. No matter how hard you try to protect yourself from them… they always seem to find a way to push your buttons.

But what if you had no buttons to be pushed?

This is a practical, no-B.S. guide to managing yourself in dramatic situations and handling the toxic people in your life with ease.

I have explained the three systems of personality according to Freud in a simple way. It will help you better understand yourself and others.

I have studied straight line system for many years, and in this video I give you the core concepts of straight line in simple and practical way. You’ll learn to improve your persuasion abilities, whether over the phone, face-to-face, or in marketing.

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