101 Insanely helpful websites for college students

College life can be hard. You might have so many things to take care of and few resources.

Fortunately, there are some websites out there that can make your life easier.

I have listed 101 websites that will help you save money, increase productivity, download research papers and books for free.

Table of content

  1. Save money
  2. Rent&buy textbooks
  3. Apps and google extensions
  4. Free Courses
  5. Find Research Papers
  6. Psychology
  7. Medical articles
  8. Science 
  9. Math
  10. History
  11. Business
  12. Engineering
  13. Architecture
  14. Literature websites
  15. Free books

Save Money

1-Amazon Student

Amazon student is a discounted Prime subscription program.

Also, it offers a free trial for six months. (You can also cancel at any time without a cost). Then you’ll pay 50% less than other Prime members at $6.49/month.

And you need to have a .edu email address.


  • Two-day shipping for free on most of the products.
  • Email alerts for exclusive deals and offers for you
  • It has a referral program where you can invite your friends to join, and both of you get $5.


  • During the trial, you can’t share your subscription with other households as with Prime.

In eBay, you can find different products at a fair price.

how a student can save money

It helps you find discounts, coupon codes and exclusive deals from your favourite stores.

3- Studentrate.com

This website finds the best deals for students, It also has a beautiful easy to use website.

4-The Freecycle Network
It’s a non-profit movement made up by people who want to give and take used items for free.

save money

It’s a money manager app. It helps you track the expenses and can help you manage your money better.

Rent and Buy Textbooks

After you’ve finished a class or the semester, why not selling the books to make some extra money. And that’s where these websites come to help:


Here you can rent or buy textbooks. Another option that I liked is that you can return the book in 21 days if you switch classes. You can also hire a tutor to help you with the exams.


save money on books

Enter the ISBN number of the book and it will find the best sites who offer the best prices.


If you need to buy books for the next semester this website offers free shipping for the orders over than $49. And, it doesn’t offer just books but also school supplies, magazines, study guides and more.

Apps and Google Extensions


calculator, free calculator

It is the most popular calculator with +20 million downloads. Why buying a new calculator when you can download it on your phone for free.

10-Strict Workflow

Sometimes I used to say to myself, surf on YouTube for just 5 minutes and then I ended up spending 2 hours there.

Well, the solution to my problem was the strict workflow extension.

It blocks the websites for 25 minutes so you can study, then you can take a short break and start again.


This extension is a great way to overcome procrastination by limiting the time you spend on time-wasting websites.


The best grammar checker out there.

13-Boomerang for Gmail

This extension allows you to send emails automatically, by setting a time even if you’re not online.


It includes a personal dashboard with a beautiful image, a to-do list and an inspirational quote.

Free Courses

There are a lot of courses out there to supplement your knowledge.


free online courses

It’s a website founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012, offering high-quality courses from the most prestigious universities in the world.

16-MIT courses

It offers +2400 courses. You can choose between their categories:

  • Energy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environment
  • Introductory Programming
  • Life Sciences
  • Transportation


Free courses for college students

It offers full high-quality courses, suggested readings, exams and problem sets.

18-Harvard online courses

free Harvard courses

There are lots of courses from different categories here. Some are free and for some, you have to pay.    

19-Data Camp

Data Camp is the best place to learn Data Science.


free tutorials for students

There you can find lots of tutorials about programming, computer science, Microsoft and many more.


Learn to code for free.

Search engines to find research Papers

If you need to find credible sources for your homework, then these search engines can help you:

google scholar, find academic papers

22-Google Scholar

23-Microsoft Academic

microsoft academic, find free research papers

This SE pulls content from 207 million publications. 

24-Taylor & Francis Online

free articles


college students, world of science, research papers

Provides real-time searching and it also gives you the opportunity to search in 9 other languages.


free research papers

Is developed by the ISTIt’s focused more on literature in computer and information science.

27-Wolfram Alpha

math formulas

It’s a very useful website, especially for math. You can find formulas and definitions very fast.


This site contains +1.8 million papers and 5046 journals.

29-African Journals Online

free journals for college students

AJOL is a collection of the all journals in Africa. There are 100, 545 articles free to download.

30-Educational Resources Information Center

ERIC contains more than 1.3 million journal articles, conference papers and other materials.

31-Bielefeld Academic Search Engine

academic search engines

BASE contains +133 Million documents from 6500 sources.


research papers about agriculture

Everything you need to learn about Agriculture.

33-Analytical Abstracts

This site keeps you up to date with the developments in analytical science.

34-Arabixiv Papers

free research papers for college students

Search for a paper in different categories.

35- arXiv.org

It’s a large archive of e-Print in Psychics, Math, Economy, Biology, statistics, Electrical engineering and computer science.


This site covers publications in Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Physics.

37-Computer science library

It covers all the aspects of computer science.


This site contains +9 million publications from the fields of Materials Engineering, Chemistry, Nanotechnology and Biomedical engineering.

39-Europe PMC

PMC provides access to articles, books, patent and clinical guidelines.


It’s a large database of free journals for different categories.


It’s a great place to find documents from different universities, video lectures and flash cards.


It’s a good place to find definitions quicker. But, the information, in general, isn’t of the best quality. You should always check the cited sources at the end to see where it’s coming from.


Free online dictionary and thesaurus.


44-American Psychological Association

APA is an organisation with more than 115, 000 members. The articles are written by doctoral-level psychologists.


It’s a Journal that publishes papers in clinical neurology and translational neuroscience.



It’s an electronic archive developed by the school of electronics and computer science. It contains papers from different categories, you can download them as PDF.

48-Wiley Online Library

Here you can read journal articles for free.

free journals

Medical articles

These websites contain high-quality Free&Paid medical articles. They have an expert peer-review process.  


medical research papers

It’s one of the largest databases of medical and scientific articles. It contains over 15M pieces of content and 38, 000 ebooks.


PubMed is an excellent place to find credible sources for your article or research paper.

51-JAMA Network

JAMA is a peer-reviewed medical journal published 48 times a year by the AMA.

52-Free Medical Journals

It contains 5088 journals which you can access them for free. It also organizes them in categories making searching extremely easy.


It provides high-quality articles and journals all for free.

54-Medline Plus

Find information about any health topic.



It’s a good place to read news an articles related to science.


This site provides access to more than 200 million pages of science information.


The Cern library where you can find articles, books and information about CERN experiments.


If you love math then you will love this site. And if you don’t like math, it will change your thinking.


The zbMath database contains 4 million bibliographic entries drawn from 3000 journals and articles and +180,000 books.


59-David Rumsey Map Collection

This site contains more than 150,000 historical maps. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?


Here you can find military records, including photos, stories, and personal documents of people who served in the army.

61-Digital Way

A very useful website to learn about the American history.


62-American Economic Association

It includes peer-reviewed journal articles, working papers, and books.

63-Daily Stocks 

It’s a search engine for anything related to stocks.


You can find publication in business studies and economics.

Best websites for engineering students


Here you can find video tutorials, articles, explanation of concepts, and software tutorials. This site also offers job listings from around the globe and career advice.


engineer tools, free conversion calculators

It contains free magazines, basic knowledge of different topics, and conversion calculators.


It’s an engineering forum where you can find answers to your questions. They also provide links to other websites.


This is a guide for girls who want to pursue a career in engineering. It provides “did you know contests” and links to other sites.

69-The civil engineer

A website dedicated completely to civil engineering.

70-Crazy engineers

It’s an engineering community with over 337, 000 members from all around the world. There you can find discussions, news, rich and useful resources, etc.


It is a very useful website to find free engineering courses.


You can find electrical engineering articles and videos.


You a list of various topics to choose from including electromechanical program, hydraulics, pneumatics, and mechanical design.

74-All about circuits

As you may have guessed by the name, this site contains everything you need to know about circuits.


This site can teach you how to make various projects.


It offers articles, videos, and news on robots, mechatronics, AI, and more.

Websites for Architecture Students

Architecture is an important part of our life. And there are so many websites out there dedicated to it.


best architecture websites

Anyone can contribute to this site. And this gives you the opportunity to get feedback and promote your work.


architecture websites

Is a massive website containing over 40,000 architecture projects.

79-Life of an architect

It’s the personal blog of Bob Borson. He shows how is the life of an architect.

80-Visualising Architecture

It’s the personal blog of Alex Hogreffe. He created the website in 2009 while he was a student. He provides high-quality tutorials. 

81-Creative Commons

It’s a search engine to find images free to reuse for your presentation.


Index for free and paid icons.

Literature Websites


This site provides study guides written by real teachers and professors. You can find literature notes from different books.

84-Cummings study guides

It doesn’t have a beautiful design but you can find study guides mostly about Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe.


This site has a huge collection of study guides.


It helps understand books, write papers and study for tests.

Free Books

Now, we come to my favourite part of the article, the free books. After searching for a while for quality sites, I found these:


Here you can find a wide variety of pdf books from art to engineering for free. 

88-Engineering study

This site is fully dedicated to engineering.


This site contains over 70 engineering books. Even though there are fewer books, still, it’s worth checking.

90-Civil engineering

Here you can find multiple books on civil engineering.

91-Industrial e-books

It offers free ebooks and engineering software.


It is a very useful website to find books and magazines. You can search by title, author or ISBN. You can find more books in psychology, economics and history.

93-Tech books

It contains books mainly in Computer Science, Mathematics and Programming.


This site offers +2.4M books from any category you can think of.


A very useful website if you’re searching free business, programming and cooking books.


It’s a PDF search engine with no download limit. 

97- eBooks directory

This site offers 10726 free e-books in 698 categories.

98-Engineering books

Download many books related to engineering.

99-Free computer books

There you can find lots of free books about programming, mathematics, free magazines, mobile computing, etc.

100- All IT books

Here you can download IT related books in the PDF format.

101-College Open Textbooks

This site provides free textbooks mostly about business and social sciences.

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