Why you should exercise-The major benefits of exercise

Systematic physical exercise has many significant benefits we mentioned below:
1-Regular training can achieve the increased use of food by the body, which contributes to health.
2-Regular progressive physical exercise can bring about the balance of the involuntary nervous system. The tone of the vagus nerve is strengthened
The tone of vague is one of the largest nervous extending from the brain to the abdomen by way of many organs including the heart, esophagus, and lungs.
This accounts for stronger pulse waves, higher metabolism, and better circulation. 
Also, the vagus forms part of the involuntary nervous system and commands unconsciousness body procedures, such as keeping the heart rate constant and controlling food digestion. 

3-Exercise develops endurance

The blood flow increased. It gives the muscles including heart, more resistant to fatigue.

Vigorous exercise is more efficient than massage, heat and moderate exercises in producing extra capillary action.
4-The full use of the lungs in vigorous exercise can reduce or prevent lung congestion. Lung congestion is distension of blood vessels in the lungs and filling of the alveoli with blood as a result of an infection, or high blood pressure.
5- Persistent exercise develops better respiratory reserve. It ensures better holding especially after a standard exercise. With more significant respiratory reserves exercise become easier.
6-Improvement in tone and function of veins can be accomplished by repetitiously squeezing and draining the blood out of them and then allowing them to fill.
7-Sweating in exercise aids the kidneys by helping to cut the waste matter from the body.
8-Consistent exercise leads to improvement in the quality of blood. Studies have shown improved hemoglobin levels, higher alkalinity, and enhanced total protein content. 
Systematic training promotes physical strength and mental vigor.
It strengthens willpower, self-control leading to a harmonious development of the whole system.