Why praying is important

Even if you are not a religious person by nature even if you are a skeptic, prayer can help you much more than you believe.
William James was a professor of philosophy at Harvard, said: “The sovereign cure for worry is religious faith.”

Dr.Alexis Carrel Nobel prize winner said in an article his opinion on prayer:

“Prayer is the most potent form of energy one can generate. It is a force as real as terrestrial gravity.

As a physician, I have seen people after all other therapy had failed, lifted out of disease and melancholy by the serene effort of prayer.

In prayer, human beings seek to augment their finite energy by addressing themselves to the infinite source of all power.

When we pray, we link ourselves with the inexhaustible motive power that spins the universe. We pray that a part of this energy is apportioned to our needs”.

Prayer fulfills these three very basic psychological needs which all people share whether they believe in God or not:
1-Prayer help us to put into words exactly what is bothering us. It is almost impossible to deal with a problem while it remains vague.

2-Prayer gives us a sense of sharing our burdens, of not being alone. Sometimes our worries are such intimate nature that we cannot discuss them even with our closest relatives and friends. Then prayer is the answer. Any psychologist will tell us that when we are tense and in an agony of spirit, it is good to say, someone, our troubles. When we can’t tell anyone else -we can tell God.

3-Prayer put’s into force an active principle of doing. It is the first step toward action. A famous scientist said:”Prayer is the most powerful form of energy one can generate.” So why not make use of it ?”.
Source: Dale Carnegie, “How to stop worrying and start living”.