9 steps to becoming an alpha male

Humans judge others to identify the alpha male. Who has the dominant personality? But, that is relative.

In ancient times, the alpha was the strongest men who brought in meat. In army is the most courageous soldier while in art is the most talented one.

If you were nervous while meeting someone then you’re not the alpha. But, when you have a sense they’re nervous meeting you then you’re the alpha.

Humans live in a dominance hierarchy.

If you are at the bottom of the hierarchy, then everything for you is overwhelming. You don’t have extra resources. You become extremely sensitive to negative emotions.

But, if you are near the elite of the hierarchy, your serotonin levels are high. You are less sensitive to negative emotions and you live longer.

Alpha males receive special treatment from society. They got the respect and love of others.

1. Become self-aware

It means recognizing the strong and weak points of your personality. If you are self-aware, you can understand other people easily. It will raise your emotional intelligence.

By understanding where your thoughts and emotions are leading, you can make the necessary changes to improve.

There are many people who try to cover up their own insecurities by making fun of others.

An alpha male knows about his weak points and has the courage to accept and improve them. He seeks to become a better person.

2. Develop courage

Alpha males are ready to deal with challenging situations and resolve them with no complaint or emotional disturbance.

Learn to take charge and show courage. Identify solutions for others and become the person who makes things happen.

3. Stay confident

3Have confidence in your skills. What’s the worst thing it can happen? You will make a mistake, so what? You are a human. It’s important to learn from your mistakes.

Your family will have more faith in you if you’re confident. The women love confidence.

The confidence matters in everybody’s life.

Try to improve your skills little by little every day. It takes time to build but easy to shatter.

4. Face your fears

Facing your fears is one of the best ways to gain confidence.

A lot of men have different fears. They feel uncertain and are unable to make big decisions.

But what is the source of these fears? It is the belief that most men have limited resources and cannot handle the negative outcome of a specific situation.

I believe is a law of nature but no one faces a challenge he can’t overcome.

You’ll become stronger by conquering fear rather than avoiding.

I know that sometimes is hard to face your fears, but that is the most effective way to become more courageous.

5. Master a skill

Alpha males are not good but great at what they do. They work hard every single day to perfect their skills.

In any career you might be in, you need to be great at it. To be better than your competition.

There is always someone who looks at what you do and say: ” I’m better and I can do more than him”. And he will try to take what you have. Am I overreacting? No, that’s how it is. You need to be adaptable in this changing world.

Being an expert in your field will make others respect you. When times get tough, you’re the man who guides them. You’re in charge.

6. Body language

Your body language can make a difference in making other people notice you and feel your presence.

The alpha men can also show dominance by the body language.

Fix your posture and look people in the eye when you talk to them. You want to show dominance and that you’ve nothing to fear.

If you are with a group of people, feeling uncomfortable, try to recall a situation when you felt confident and proud of yourself.

7. Learn from other alpha males

You will not become the alpha in a day. You can learn from others by observing.

Think about a person whom you think is an alpha and try to figure out special traits in him.

Look how they speak, stand and act.

You can also read biography books or watch movies that show the life of a great personality.

8. Moral

People think an alpha man is a womanizer with a loose character and that it doesn’t keep responsibility for his actions. But this is not correct.

An alpha man takes responsibility for his actions. He may seem arrogant, but it doesn’t put others down. He has confidence in his abilities.

A man without honour is not a man.

9. Exercise

One of the common traits of alpha males is the physical strength.

Alpha males focus on improving their mental and physical health. It is very important for achieving goals.

I am not saying to become a bodybuilder. There are many big guys who are very insecure when dealing with people. But to exercise and follow a healthy diet.

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