Maximize productivity with Pomodoro technique

Fransisco Cirilo was the one who created this time management method in the late 1900’s.
He named Pomodoro (tomato in Italian ), because of the tomato kitchen timer that Cirillo used as a university student.
It is a useful technique to fight procrastination. It will help you maintain focus and productivity throughout the day.
The theory behind it is that you can divide a large task or any series of tasks into shortly timed tasks. A quick break separates each. 
It takes advantage of the fact that our brains have limited attention spans. All you need is a timer. You can use your phone or computer:
1-First choose a task or a series of tasks that you need to accomplish
2-Set the timer for 25 minutes and continue to work on the job until the timer goes off.
3-Work! Avoid checking time remaining.
4-Once the timer goes off take a short break for 5 minutes, have a glass of water, get off the desk to do stretching exercises.
5-After four cycles take a more extended break of 20 minutes
Do your best to limit distractions during pomodoros.
The whole point is 25 minutes of intense focus. Don’t be checking facebook, put your phone in aeroplane mode or do not disturb mode.
If someone distracts you use this strategy:
Inform that you are in the middle of something and negotiate a time when you can get back to them when you finish your task.
Start at first keeping the commitment small. Don’t feel obligated to take a break if you don’t need to. You can skip breaks when reviewing lectures, research(data analysis or writing). 
Pomodoro technique is a beneficial technique to help you fight procrastination, to focus and to remind yourself that you need some air. As time will pass, you will notice that you can concentrate more.