8 Tips to deal with angry feelings

Feeling angry can be a big problem if you can’t deal with it. 
When you are angry, you may say things you didn’t want to say. 
It can affect your relationship with other people at work or with your friends and family.

First thing you can do is change your physiology

When someone is feeling angry, their face is tense. Their body is tensed up. They may have their fists clenched, and their breathing is shallow. To feel better, you can do the opposite.
Try to breathe deeply, try to smile, try to relax facial muscles you will change how you feel it instantly.
2-Identify the anger or feeling as soon as it starts to get intensely angry or upset
If you can identify the feeling when it first starts, you can manage it. You can do things to help you not to escalate, and it is this escalation that gets things way out of control.
3-Practice relaxation techniques
whether that’s deep breathing or saying yourself like: “it’s okay, calm down, hold on.” Allowing yourself a little bit time before you just react.
4-Think before you speak
Words a lot of times can hurt people much more deeply and intensely than physical violence.
5-Get physical exercise
Exercise is fantastic for stress reduction. Physical activity produces endorphins—chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers. Endorphins improve the ability to sleep, which in turn reduces stress.

6-Talk about issues as they arise

If something upsets you, you might not address it right then.
If you keep emotions inside without expressing it after a while, you will explode, because you can’t take it anymore.
Talk about what is bothering you and address it to the other person. Address the issues as they arise, and it never gets to that escalation point.
7-When it is all possible use humor
Use humor to defuse intense situations. You need to be careful because they may think you are sarcastic. When people are upset, they can get it personally.
Humor is a great way to defuse situations and low the intensity of conversation.
8-Take a timeout
We can take time out of things bothering us. If there is a person that is upsetting you and that is making you angry, take a timeout.
We need a lot of times to get a timeout to remove ourselves from that person or situation. We should give ourselves some time to relax.