How to become attractive

Every person you meet has their emotional hunger.

We have five emotional cravings.

Les Giblin said in his book: “If we have food to feed the hunger, then we will become attractive to the person who is hungry.”

We are looking for 5-A’s:

1. Acceptance

These means to accept people as they are with their flaws.

We want to create a conversation where they can be comfortable, without worrying about whether we will judge them.

People don’t want to put on an examining table every time they meet you.

They get enough criticism, sarcasm, and nagging elsewhere.

Embrace them and their flaws.

2. Approval

It goes beyond accepting people as they are.

Instead of looking for their shortcomings, we begin by looking for the best points of their character.

People are more pleased with a compliment if you praise them for something that is not obvious.

Search for mental strengths and qualities in the person, and then unwrap them like an undiscovered gift.

It is a compliment because we had to be observant to spot such attributes.

3. Appreciation

We want to add to people’s value by what we say to them, and we treat them.

There are four simple things we can do to show appreciation?

Don’t keep them waiting let them know that you are going to see them as soon as possible.

Thank them, and treat them as “special.” Special means that each person is unique, one of a kind creation of God.

Don’t just salute them just by saying them “Hi” instead of “Hi Ben.”

We need to show our care and concern for them as individuals.

The way to do that is to pay attention to the details of their life.

4. Admiration 

As Abraham Lincoln said, “Everybody likes a compliment.”

When you give people a genuine, sincere compliment about a trait or accomplishment, they automatically feel better about themselves.

Always find something to compliment. When you do, the other person will like you and see you more charming.

5. Attention

It is an essential quality.

When you pay close attention to other people, they will feel that they are valuable and important.

The more they will like you.

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