5 Tips to be charismatic like Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

Dwayne Johnson has been successful in 3 different careers.

He was a football player at Miami and was skillful enough to play on professional levels.

But, he was injured and finishing his football career.

It was a tough reality for him considering he dedicated his life to becoming a pro.

After that, he transitioned to WWE, where he became famous as The Rock.   

Then he started an amazing career in movies, acting in “Big Movies”, not to mention he is one of the highest-paid actors.

You need to be a highly charismatic person to accomplish this kind of success, and Dwayne is the perfect example.

He developed and continued advancing his charisma skills during the years, which converted him in the personality that is now.

1. Hand gestures

All efficient speakers use hands to illustrate points, and Dwayne Johnson is no exception.

He is very expressive with his voice, body and with his hand gestures while telling a story.

Those big gestures instantly make him more interesting to watch, and people are fully attentive while he speaks.

2. Face expressions

Most of his emotions are coming from his face.

You may have observed actors, standup comedians, or TV show hosts are being expressive with their body and face.

Dwayne is a man who has a sincere laugh.

Being happy does a lot for you.

First, is calling attention to you in a positive way.

People prefer to surround themselves with other people having fun.

Laughing is an excellent way to mark yourself as that kind of person.

It has a lot to do with the fact that being expressive with your emotions let other people share your feelings.

When you honestly feel something and show it in your body and face, people around you will start to feel that thing.

3. Showing Vulnerability

The Rock is a massive guy, and you expect him to have this tough character to match his physique. But except this, he is an emotional guy.

He also talks about his tough days, and how he dealt with them.

And it shows vulnerability.

Telling sob stories isn’t charismatic. But being open, vulnerable, honest, and applying all these points.

4. Genuine praise

One of the good qualities you can observe at Dwayne is that he gives a lot of genuine compliments.

Even in the middle of a discussion when speaking for something else he finds the time to compliment the person.

I am not saying about compliments such as, “I love your shoes, or your haircut looks great”.

But, about compliments that characterize the strongest elements on someone’s personality.

5. Telling a story

We are emotional creatures and we react to stories that have a deep emotional impact.

Dwayne is a master of storytelling and captivating his listeners.

To captivate your listeners, build anticipation. Before the rock answers a question he makes sure you want it to listen.

He playfully draws it out until people really crave to listen to his answer.

He uses expressions like: “They don’t want to hear me”, or “It is a little info I’ll share with you guys that I’ve never shared with anyone. “Here is something I have never told to anybody “, “Oh, wow it is a great story”.

It is an expression that instantly gets your attention. No one wants to miss something interesting or a great story, right?

Also, try to begin your story with: “You will love this”, “Oh, it was awesome”, “That moment changed my life”, “I like that person, and I’ll tell you why”.

It makes people stop and listen.

When someone asks you a personal question, you can answer it by giving a fact and telling a short story related to that topic.

For example, if someone asks you, “Where are you from?”

They aren’t asking just to know your origin. They want to hear your story and what is something interesting about you.

Of course, you don’t have to answer every time with a story. But, when the conversation is becoming a little boring it will make you leave a more memorable impression.

How to tell an interesting story?

The whole purpose of a story is to create strong feelings for another person.

The Rock has two ways to create strong emotions: He strongly feels it himself and he expresses those feelings.

Conclusion: With “the rock” you have this unusual combination.

You have a guy who is a physical beast and shows leadership qualities in interaction.

The reason people like him is that on top of all dominant personality trait he shows he is kind, he reveals weaknesses and stories of depression.

The whole time he is spreading a message you can overcome difficult times.

With Dwayne it’s not just one of these traits, it’s the combination that makes it work.

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