Fiber rich foods

High-fiber diet reduces your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and many kinds of cancer.

You can find fiber only in vegetables, fruits, and grains.

Fiber is essential for your health and keeps the weight off. It will help you feel satisfied sooner. Fiber will give you more energy. High-fiber foods tend to be low in calories.

It even decreases the amount of fat and calories that are absorbed from the digestive tract.

Fiber sweeps up digestive and cellular debris. Also, remove cholesterol, environmental toxins, and surplus hormones, and takes out the trash.

Some people suffer from occasional or chronic constipation. The reason is that most people don’t eat anywhere near enough fiber.

Foods that are full of antioxidants, phytochemicals, phenols contain fiber. You should consume 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day.   Here is the list of foods that contain fiber in 100 gr.

Apple-A small-medium apple contains 4.4 gr fiber

Almonds-12 gr fiber in 100 gr

Avogadro-7 gr fiber

Broccoli-2.6 gr fiber 

Berries-8 gr fiber

Beans-2.4 gr 

Cabbage-2.5 to 3mg 

Celery-1.6 gr 

Dried figs- 2.9 gr 

Leafy Greens-2.2 gr 

Prunes-7.7 gr 

Peanuts-9 gr 

Pear-3.1 gr

Peas- 5 gr 

Peanut butter, one teaspoon contains 2.6 gr fiber

Fiber from foods vs. Fiber from supplements

The best way to take fiber is from foods because along with fiber you get essential vitamins and minerals.

Fiber supplements don’t secure with other nutrients but will help you with the daily recommended intake. Talk to your doctor before taking the supplements because may cause abdominal bloating and gas.

If you want to take supplements make sure you take a small amount. Talk to your pharmacist or doctor. Be sure that you drink plenty of fluids.

Source from mayo clinic