The most common types of smile and their meaning

It is a summary, and an analysis of the common types of smiles, their meaning and you are likely to see every day:

1. The tight-lipped smile

It is the most common smile because is more natural to fake and be polite. Is a false smile because when we feel real joy, we show our teeth.

It also sends the message that the person who is smiling has a secret or is keeping an opinion, attitude for themselves and they will not share with you. It is a favorite of women who don’t want to reveal that they don’t like someone.

2. The twisted smile

The twisted smile is kind of grin.

This smile shows different emotions on each side of the face.

It sends the message that what you are saying is foolish, or is nonsense, sends the message of sarcasm.

It gives the impression you are thinking about something evil.

twisted smile , body language

3. The dropped jaw smile

It is a practiced smile where the lower jaw is dropped down. It gives the impression that the person is laughing or playful.

People use it to engenders happy reactions in their audiences or to win more votes. It is a fake smile, but in a photograph gives a sense of joy and cheerful.

4. Sideways looking up smile

With the head turned down and while looking up with a tight-lipped smile. The person who is smiling looks playful and secretive. 

This smile is men’s favorite everywhere. When the woman who does it, it engenders parental male feelings. Making men want to protect and care for females.

sideways looking smile, body language
Source: Wikipedia

5. grin or smirk

The smirk shows smugness and arrogance. It is a tight-lipped smile with the addition of a degree self-satisfaction.

Along with this smile, you may see dominant body language such as head back, shoulders back, open postures showing pride.

grin or smirk, body language

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