Sales Techniques- 6 Ways to earn trust with costumers

We buy from people we like and trust.

These tips will help you be more trustworthy with your customers.

1. Demonstrate industry knowledge

You have to understand what’s happening in the market, the trends, policy changes, government changes.

You need to know all these little things. (Little?) You have to be that person that understands everything it is going on.

Customers want to talk to an expert on the industry and they are willing to pay.

2. Product knowledge

You have to understand every aspect of your product that impacts the customer. You need to know how the product works.

3. Be honest

Some salespeople don’t give complete information when the customer asks about the product.

But customers need help. What they are looking for is something to guide them right now. 

There are so many options out there. Things are getting more complicated.   

The complexity increases, and it makes decision making harder.

What they are looking for is something to guide them right now and to be honest with them.

4. Be direct

If you want to build trust fast, be direct. If the customer says, I want to do this with your product, you say no. Here is how it works, here is what you need to do.

What you want to do is to correct them if they are wrong.

We all have heard that expression: “Customer is always right,” let’s get rid of that stupid saying.

The customer is not always right. They don’t have your perspective on the market, product or industry.

Sometimes the products and services look alike and what makes the difference is the salesperson.

It is not what you sell but how you sell which makes the difference whether a customer decides to buy your product or not.

5. Listen

It is a simple word but so hard to execute.

Our brain process information that is 500-700 words per minute, but on average we talk at about 150-300 words per minute.

People talk at a slower rate, and our brain is processing faster.

Before presenting the product you need to ask specific questions to find their pain. And during this time you need to listen attentively.

Don’t say the product is a perfect fit for you during this time. You’re going this information in the time you’re closing the sale.

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