7 Signs when your kidney is in danger

Kidneys are vital organs in the body.
The kidneys are on each side of the vertebral column, at the level of the last rib.
Kidneys have a small size. Each kidney is about 12-14 cm long and weighs approximately 150 g. Despite their small size, kidneys play an essential role in our body.
Kidneys filter our blood with a rate of 125 ml/min or 180 litters each day. It means that our entire blood volume gets filtered 20 to 25 times a day. Other important functions include:
  • They remove excess amounts of waste and fluids from the body.
  • Support the health of bones.
  • Balance the electrolytes.
  • Stabilize blood pressure and increase the number of red blood cells.
Sometimes our daily habits damage our kidneys. 
If you suffer from one or more of the symptoms below or worry about the kidney, see a doctor for blood or urine test.
1-Changes in the urine symptoms include:
  • Urine may be foamy.
  • Urges to urinate during the night
  • Frequent urination and in large amounts
  • Your urine may contain blood
  • You may have difficulty urinating or may feel pressure
Some may experience swelling at the ankles. The reason is that failing kidneys don’t remove extra fluid from the body. It leads to swellings and bloating of the face limbs and joints.
3-Shortness of breath
Shortness of breath can be related to kidneys in two ways.
First, extra fluid in the body can build in the lungs.
Second, Anemia caused by kidney failure can leave your body with little oxygen in red blood cells.
4-Rash of the skin
The waste builds up in our body can be linked to kidney failure, the skin gets a lot of rashes and itching.
The waste will build up in the blood, and it will make the skin look unhealthy and dry.
5-Metallic taste
The waste in the blood alters the flavor of foods and cause bad breath. You may also have a reduced appetite and severe change in some foods, or you are losing weight because of that.
6-Bad concentration and dizziness
A weak oxygen flow to the brain leads to memory problems and dizziness. It may be caused by severe anemia or from kidney failure


If you feel pain, in the area of the kidneys it may indicate kidney stones or infections of the urinary tract. 
But, low back pain doesn’t indicate kidney disease. 
Kidneys are above the waist, in the back of your body.
Sometimes other health problems may cause these symptoms.
The only way to know exactly what is causing your symptoms is to visit your doctor.
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