7 Great ways to make a conversation with anyone

Conversation is a fascinating thing. The conversation can open a door. 
Every stranger comes with an opportunity to learn something new. 
To have an experience you never had, to hear a story you have never heard before. 
But we may have difficulties talking to a stranger.
Think about this way, every single person in your life was once a stranger to you. You didn’t have any connection with them until you had the first conversation.


1-First word

You are at your school, work, you see a stranger, and you want to start a conversation, but words just won’t come out.
Here is a little trick, just say it. What is the worst thing it could happen? They will not talk to you, well they were not talking to you now. 
Gather your enthusiasm, energy, positivity and say hi, hello.


2-Skip “the small talk.”

Skip the small talk and ask a personal question. Don’t be afraid to ask. You will be surprised how people will share their story if you just ask them. Ask a personal question:
How long did you live in this city? 
What was it like in the town where you grew up? 
Where did you come from and where your family lives?. 
Beautiful name, what is the story behind it?
How did you learn to ski/play soccer/play piano?
Tell me about your family.
Describe the scariest person you ever met.
Describe a memorable teacher you had.
Answers to this questions are something personal and unique.
 It will make that person feel good.

3-Find something in common

Don’t talk in a negative way about their origin, other people, or their political conviction. Nothing kills the conversation than a negative. 
Attempt to find one thing you and the other person might have in common. It could be anything. You are in the same place, or maybe you are from the same country. 
When you start the conversation at this point, you find that communication becomes a lot easier. That is because the both of you are on the same side of something, and that’s a powerful feeling.


4-Pay a unique compliment

People will forget what you do, will forget what you say but they will never forget how you made them feel. 

Pay an exceptional compliment. Be careful because some people are immune to some kinds of compliments. 
For example, if you compliment a gorgeous model by saying you are beautiful. That may not have that impact that wanted.
She has heard the word “beautiful” a hundred times today or a million times at social networks. 
Each of us has developed an immunity to it could be the words cool, awesome, beautiful. 
Use compliments like “I love how you smile” or “your hair looks beautiful…” Try to build a tribute that is unique and genuine, and you don’t have to lie.

5-Ask for an opinion

We all opinions, and we want the others to listen. We all want validation. That’s the real communication begin. 
Some people make a mistake by asking about something complicated. 
Ask something simple like, how do you like your coffee? What is your favorite music, or movie, what do you think about it?

6-Pay attention

The first thing to do is make eye contact. When the other person is giving his opinion, listen and pay attention. 
Try not to look at your phone while someone is talking it is something, that makes that person feel bad.


7-Remember their names

One of the most fundamental rules is to remember someone’s name. When you are meeting for the second or 15th time, you always remember their name. 

You have no idea how important you are making them feel. You can also try to remember other details relating to them.
 It could be their children’s names, pet names places where they go. There are a lot of things that can help you start the conversation and help you build rapport with them.

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