7 Foods that naturally cleanse your liver

The liver plays one of the most important roles in eliminating toxins from our body.

Without the liver, your body would not be able to absorb nutrients from foods. To flush toxins from your body, you should include these foods in your diet.

1. Garlic

A small amount has the ability to activate liver enzymes which help your body flush out toxins. Also, holds high amounts of allicin and selenium. These two natural compounds aid in liver cleansing.

2. Grapefruit

It contains a high amount of vitamin C and glutathione. The liver also produces glutathione.

There are so many functions in our body that need glutathione. Helps flush out carcinogen and other toxins.

3. Leafy green vegetables

Can help protecting your liver as they neutralize chemicals, metals, and pesticides.

4. Carrots

Carrots are extremely high in plant-flavonoids and B-carotene. This helps to improve overall liver function.

5. Walnuts

Walnuts contain high amounts of Omega-3 and glutathione. They support liver detoxification.

They also have healthy unsaturated fats, which help to protect from the accumulation of fat in your liver. It also helps in developing strong cell membranes around the liver cells.

6. Apples

They are high in pectin.

Apples hold the chemical constituents needed for the body to cleanse and release toxins from the digestive tract.

7. Olive oil

Is great for the liver. Olive oil helps the body produce a lipid base that can suck up harmful toxins.

In this way, it takes some of the burdens of the liver in terms of the toxic overload that many of us suffer from.