5 signs the Apocalypse is happening right now!

We fear for the future, but we dont realize that apocalypse is happening now…

AI weapons

In 2015 Elon Musk donated $10 M to the Future of Life Institute. Fearing that AI is close to nothing the power of the brain.
Stephen Hawking worries the advancement of self-learning machines will be the end of human race.
British has already developed “Fire and Forget” brimstone missions that use AI to select, kill target and avoid interception.
Many fear that AI like PARPAS”Probabilistic Programming For Advanced Machine Learning,” will interface with human military technology to synthesize advanced weapons that only AI could use and understanding.


The terrorist caliphate ISIS was dismissed by the US President Barack Obama in 2014 as Al Qaeda’s junior team.
But such a characterization ignores ISIS’s bad goal of fighting the West in a decisive final battle to end humanity.
Now ISIS has positioned their fighters to fulfill an Islamic prophecy of defeating “the army of Rome “in Dabiq Syria.

Colony Collapse Disorder

Already under strain, honey bee have recently seen catastrophic declines due to colony collapse disorder.
First documented in 2006, affected colonies leave their hive and die on mass.
The decline has raised fears of global famines, bees are essential to modern agriculture, helping to pollinate 75% of our crops.
The cause of CCD is still unknown though some studies point to the use of neonicotinoids insecticides. 

Post-antibiotic era

In 2013 the head of the CDC made a warning that the world soon will be in a “post-antibiotic era.”
An astonishing 100,000 tons of antibiotics are produced annually. 40% being consumed by human patients (at a rate double what should be prescribed).
60% being fed daily to livestock in factory farms to keep them alive and make them grow faster in unsanitary conditions.
As a result, scientists believe the antibiotic resistant super-bugs could mean the end of modern medicine.

Methane clathrate

Human-made global warming is expected to increase the average temperature by 2° F to 11.5° F by 2100.
Scientist fear current warning has started an irreversible melting of permafrost regions containing 1000 gigatons of trapped methane.
The release of this amount would have an impact equal to a ten times increase of CO2 and it will trigger a “Clathrate gun” runaway chain reaction.
Melting would spread to the 1000 gigaton of frozen methane clathrate on the ocean floor and raise temperatures by 54° F(30) creating a planet like a planet Venus.
Source: pixabay.com

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