5 common handshakes and their meaning

The handshake is the most common social encounter, and it can convey useful information to someone.
Handshakes may tell a lot about someone‘s character.
Confident people have a firm handshake, while shy people tend to shake hands softly.
Here are types of handshakes you will see every day, here are a few:

1-Dominant handshake

Turning your hand so that his palm faces down in the handshake shows dominance. Upper hand communicates that you want to take control of the encounter.
2-The submissive handshake
When you offer your hand with your palm facing upwards. People who use their hands in their professions such as surgeons and artists may also give a limp handshake to protect their hands.
3-Equal handshake
Is a handshake when both palms are in the vertical position. It creates a feeling of equality and mutual respect.
4-Creating rapport
There are two ingredients for creating rapport in a handshake.
First, make sure that yours and other persons palms are in vertical position so that no one is dominant or submissive.
Apply the same pressure you receive. The handshake is a gesture to say hello, goodbye or to seal an agreement.
5-Double Handshake
Give a direct eye contact, a smile and say their name. This handshake gives the impression he is trustworthy and honest. When you use to a person you just met, it can have the reverse effect.
The double handshake is like a mini hug and is acceptable only in circumstances where a hug could also be acceptable.
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