3-The mysterious number

As with the number 6, in the world, there are strange coincidences connected with number 3.

The Earth’s diameter bulges .33% beyond a perfect circle. The Earth orbits the Sun in an ellipse whose major axis bulges 3.3% beyond the diameter of a complete circle.[Source]

The oldest obelisk in the world today is in Heliopolis, but that’s all that remains of this ancient city, known as the “city of the sun.”

What is the most interesting part is the that the city of the sun is located 3333 miles from the highest point in the most massive mountain range on the planet.

The surprising fact is that the sun is 333000 times more massive than earth.

The tip of Manhattan is 3333 kilometers from the great pyramid of Cholula in Mexico. Cholula is the most massive monument ever build on earth.

Cholulas volume is twice as large as great pyramid of Giza but is only 66 meters high.

Manhattan is described as cultural and capital of the world. It seems fitting to compare Manhattan to Cholula.

“La place de la nation” located central Paris 3333.33 km from the “Dome of the rock” in Jerusalem, it is the distance between symbolic nation monuments.

It measures 33.33 across the surface of the earth from the “Dome of the Rock” to Stonehenge.

The sun kings hall of the mirrors of Versailles and the white house are precisely 3330.3 nautical miles apart.

Modern Baghdad location is 33.33 N, 44.44 E.

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32 boroughs are surrounding the city of London.

The London eye has 32 cars rotating around a compass like a central pivot.

It is 333333 inches from Nelson’s column in Trafalgar square to the center of the London Olympic Stadium.

The united nations emblem separates the earth into 32 sectors.

Jesus supposedly lived 33.33 years and performed 33 miracles.

There are 33 bones in your spine.

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Sound speed in air varies with temperatures, the speed of sound is 333.3 m/s at 3.3 C.


The highest rank one can earn in freemasons is 32 degree. The 33 degree is by invitation only.

The location of Washington Dc, New York, Thebes, Luxon, London, Berlin, Jerusalem, Versailles, Stonehenge, and mt. Everest appears to be interrelated with repetitive threes.

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