10 signs a girl gives you when she likes you

Sometimes it is difficult to identify if a woman is flirting or is just being friendly.

Here are ten signs a girl will give you if she likes you.

1. Hair

When she is playing with her hair, fixing it, toying around with it. When she talks to you and messing with it is a clear sign, she is interested in you.  

2. She touches you

They have this urge touch or be close to you. Notice her tries to touch you. It can be little things as a tap on the shoulder because you said a bad joke or she squeezes your arm.

3. She laughs at your jokes

A girl will laugh at your jokes even when they are not hilarious.

It is a sign she is indeed interested in you. Also, when you are in a group conversation and she diverts all the attention to you.

4. Genuine smile

When we laugh, we use different muscles in the face.

It is essential to see if the other person is practicing a fake smile or a genuine smile.

A genuine smile involves all the muscles around the eyes.

5. She gives you a compliment

She may give you lots of compliments.

You always make me smile”. “I love the way you smile”. “You always give the best advice”. “Is there anything you can’t do?” “You are charming. I just can’t pull myself away!”

6. Eye contact

The longer the eye contact, the stronger is the level of attraction toward you.

Eye contact is an invitation, so intense that if you don’t respond to that gaze women may feel rejected.

Another detail you can notice is dilation of her pupils. If her pupils dilate, you have a good chance of taking her number.

Pupils dilate from the release of oxytocin and dopamine which are “happy” neurotransmitters.

7. She comes to you for advice

A girl that constantly asks you for a bit of help may be interested in you.

A girl asking a guy for advice is a girl that respect him and value his wisdom.

8. She mirrors you

Mirroring is a reliable way to create rapport.

It is also a reliable indicator of attraction.

Studies have shown that the tendency for the two people to move in sync is one of the most excellent predictors of attraction.

9. Specific body language

A sign that is very obvious in women’s body language is arching of the back.

Another sign of a conversation is when she is leaning towards you.

When a woman is chewing her lips or become fidgety, she may be interested in you.

Also, when a woman crossed and arms means she is bored or uninterested.

Look the direction of her torso- If it’s pointed towards you including her feet then she’s into you. But, a bad sign is when you’re talking and her torso is pointed in the opposite direction of where you are.

When a woman keeps her legs uncrossed and arms visible, it is likely that she is interested in you and available.

When a woman crosses her legs pointed towards you may or show arousal.

female body language

If a woman has her ankles locked than she is feeling uncomfortable with you.

If she has the legs in parallel and knees toward you combining with the smile, she is into you.

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Legs apart with weight on one foot- It shows confidence and openness to new encounters. It is also a pose that attracts attention.

Legs crossed toward you- It is one of the most common positions that show interest in a guy.

Feet turned at a 45-degree angle- When she is standing with one foot facing the person and the other pointing outward shows she likes what you’re saying.

10. The language of the purse

A woman who clutched her purse close to her is showing that she is feeling uncomfortable with the situation or a person. When she put down the purse, it is a sign she is at ease and available.

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