10 important factors that make a successful leader

Many people have a narrow understanding of what leadership is. You say, leader and they think the president, minister, or chairman.

Obviously, people in those positions are expected to lead. But the fact of the matter is that leadership does not begin and end up at the very top.

Organising a small team, energizing an office support staff, keeping things happy at home- Those are the front lines of leadership.

Here are ten factors that make a successful leader:



Based on knowledge of self and one’s occupation. A leader who lacks self-confidence and courage will cant win the respect of his employees.


The man who cannot control himself can ever control others. Self-Control set a mighty example for one’s followers.

3-A sense of justice

A leader that is not fair and doesn’t have a sense of justice cannot command and keep the respect of his people.


The leader who wavers cant decides, it shows that he is not sure of himself. He cannot make the business and others to succeed.

5-Definiteness of plans

The successful leader must plan his work and work his plan. A real leader has a vision and a bright, practical plan to make the company move forward.
A leader who moves by guesswork is like a ship without a rudder. Soon or later it will crash on the rocks.

6-The habit of doing more than paid for

The leader is willing to do more than he requires of his followers.

7-A pleasing personality

It is an essential trait. No careless person can become a successful leader. 
Followers will not respect a leader who hasn’t a pleasing personality.
A real leader has created a magnetic personality which makes his employees and customers feel good.

8-Sympathy and understanding

The leader must respect and understand them and their problems.

9-Mastery of detail

Successful leadership calls for mastery of aspects of the leader’s position.

10-Willingness  to assume full responsibility

A real leader must be willing to assume full responsibility for the mistakes of his followers. If one of his followers makes a mistake, the leader must consider that it is he who failed.

Conclusion: Every one of us has the potential to be a leader every day. Everyone that has contact with others has a good reason to learn how to lead.

Leadership skills will determine how much success you will achieve and how happy you will be.


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